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marketing consultantThe wine industry has become more competitive than ever before. Since the competition is fierce, winemakers struggle to differentiate themselves. Simply put, making a good wine is not enough anymore. To build awareness, sell more wine, and succeed, you need to rely on marketing. There are some guidelines that can help you in this regard.

Following are the key wine marketing tips that will help you reach new customers and increase your sales:

Know Your Wine Consumers
You cannot make your wine marketing plan effective if you don’t know your target audience. There are many different types of wine consumers and most of them are overwhelmed by the different choices. And sales are often lost because of a lack of communication as most wine marketers target only wine enthusiasts. That’s why it is important to know your wine consumers. When you know the wants and needs of your niche market, you can create an effective marketing plan.

Establish an Online Presence
Digital marketing is crucial for any business nowadays, and this includes winemakers as well. So, it is highly recommended that you establish an online presence. Establish a regularly flowing site blog, optimize it with powerful keywords, and produce quality content to engage and attract your audience. Consult with a digital marketing consultant to develop a variety of creative content so that your audience is always seeing something fresh. Don’t forget to offer personalized experience by using dynamic ads with different wine offerings.

Embrace Social Media
Use social media to reach wider audiences and increase business for your wine warehouse. Create accounts on multiple social media platforms and make regular posts to keep your target audience engaged. If your content is informative or entertaining, your audience will be inclined to share it with their friends. This will help drive more traffic to your wine business.

Cross-Market with Local Businesses
Partner with local wine shops, wineries, and vineyards to open various cross-promotional opportunities. Get to know these business owners and open the door to discounted prices, private labels, and exclusive wines.

wine warehouseOffer Pop-Up Tastings
Wine tastings are a common wine marketing trend but many people rarely do it properly. For every lost gross profit on bottles opened, there is significant goodwill and business generated in its stead by opening up your collection to consumers. You can charge a nominal fee to prevent freeloaders from turning up and keep the event light-hearted to offer a great overall experience.

Create Special Events

Organize a calendar of weekly or monthly special events at your wine warehouse that could include special pairing dinners or live music designed collaboratively with one of your favorite local bands and chefs. Hire the help of a marketing consultant to creatively hold events that work for your style.

You have probably heard the old saying that wine is an acquired taste. In many ways, the same is the case with wine marketing. If you are feeling overwhelmed by marketing, keep at it. Ultimately, it will become second nature and you will be putting your brand’s name out there.

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How The CBD Industry Is Revolutionizing The Beverage Sector

cbd wineWith hemp-derived CBD becoming legal in all fifty states, the CBD industry is thriving now more than ever, and for good reason. With only 0.3 percent of THC or less, CBD does not get you high, and the health benefits are endless. CBD has been used to treat anxiety, seizures, pain, and inflammation. There is also research that shows it can help with other conditions, such as respiratory issues, irritable bowel syndrome, and smoking addictions. Recently, the CBD industry has also been expanding and partnering more into the food and beverage industry. CBD can be found in all kinds of drinks, such as water, tea, coffee, soda, and pretty much any other drink you can think of. Infusing CBD into beverages is revolutionizing the industry and attracting an even wider audience. People are overcoming their hesitation about using CBD as they are more interested in trying CBD-infused drinks and the benefits that could receive from CBD.

CBD-infused beverages provide an easy way to administer CBD, and people consider beverages a healthy way to do so as opposed to inhaling or smoking cannabis, which can harm the lungs and cause further health issues over time. There is also evidence that CBD can reduce the effects of caffeine found in many beverages, allowing consumers to feel awake and alert without feeling “on edge.” These beverages also make it easy to control the dosage of CBD. All CBD-infused beverages have a specific dosage per serving. This makes it easy for consumers to choose a beverage based on the amount of CBD that it contains. This information should always be made readily available, and many companies are doing everything they can to help customers decide what dosage will be best for them. They want this to be a personal choice for every consumer so they can get exactly what they need.

Many of the big beverage companies are getting on board with this trend quickly. In the last five years, beer consumption has gradually been decreasing since people are using CBD more than they are drinking alcohol. To solve this problem, many beer brands have developed CBD-infused beer to reach more consumers. They are investing in cannabis producers and partnering with companies to expand their reach. Constellation Brands, a leader in the alcohol industry, increased their stakes from ten percent to thirty-eight percent in Canopy Growth by introducing CBD-infused drinks. CBD wine is also becoming more popular. Many brands have produced their own CBD-infused wines. One particular winery in California has even started selling a CBD-infused wine that contains no alcohol. CBD wineries are showing up in many places, including California and Ontario, and the number of CBD wine products will likely continue to grow as CBD becomes more popular over time.

cbd ediblesWhile CBD-infused products are becoming more popular, there are certain problems that the industries are facing while partnering together. Cannabinoids are fat-soluble, meaning they do not mix well with water. Because they are fat-soluble, they need to be metabolized in the liver in order for the effects to kick in, which means it takes longer to feel the effects. This is not an effective way of taking CBD for anyone who is looking for fast results. There are companies working to come up with a solution to this problem, but it may not happen any time soon. Many of them use nano-emulsion to infuse CBD because of the small size of the particles. While this solves the problem of figuring out how to mix fat and water, it is not a perfect solution. These nano-particles can build up in organs and cause serious health concerns. However, there will not be a perfect solution unless researchers can figure out how to create CBD that is water-soluble and does not reduce its benefits.

Taste is another problem the industry is facing. Many people do not like full-spectrum CBD because of the taste. While some can handle flavored products, this still is not enough for some. Companies working to create CBD edibles, including beverages, are partnering with research companies to come up with CBD-infused drinks that have a great flavor without losing the effects of the CBD. One aspect that researchers need to focus on more for CBD-infused drinks is the purity of CBD being used. The CBD industry is not regulated, so there are no rules saying what CBD companies should or should not do to sell their products. The industry needs more companies that are transparent in everything dealing with their products, including accurate dosage level, ingredients used, packaging, and proper labeling on products so that customers know what they are buying. In Indiana, for example, companies have to include QR codes on their labels so that customers can see all necessary information, such as CBD and THC levels, ingredients, and any other compounds that are used in a particular product.

cbd wineCBD-infused beverages are likely to be a huge deal in the near future and bring about significant economic growth. It is estimated that this market could grow to almost $4,500 million in the next five years. The CEO of Tilray, one of the largest medical cannabis producers in the world, believes that it will not be too long before the CBD industry consists of mostly CBD beverages. In fact, he estimates that CBD beverage consumption could potentially make up about ninety percent of all CBD use in the future. With all the mental and physical benefits people are learning about CBD, it is no wonder the industry is growing as quickly as it is or that people are looking for new ways of consuming CBD. People are no longer limited to CBD edibles, oil tinctures, and topical products. CBD-infused beverage consumption is growing quickly. With more CBD research coming out all the time, it may eventually become the largest CBD market. Companies are working hard to create CBD drinks for everyone, so they can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.

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The Darker History of Wine

wine jewelryIf you are an individual that pairs a wine with every meal, you may appreciate that there are plenty of options to buy wine jewelry. Sites like Etsy offer wine-themed charms, bracelets, necklaces, and more that can advertise your love for wine. Wine jewelry is also a great gift for wine lovers. If you like the darker side of history, you may also enjoy poison rings and their link to wine. Wearing a poison ring adds a dark twist if you combine the ring with wine jewelry.

Wine’s Direct Link to Poison
Stories make it seem like wine was often poisoned in order to get rid of adversaries. In fact, royals were extremely afraid of being poisoned at meal time. They took special precautions to be safe. For example, royals often had their food and drinks taste tested before eating to ensure that the food was safe. Some courts actually had their servants lick and kiss the silverware and plates that the royals were about to use in order to test for poison.

An article written in 1951 talked about a peculiar method that royals would use to ensure that their food and drink were poison free. It was a strange misconception that unicorn horns could both detect poison and nullify the effects of poison. Unicorn horns were said to react to nearby poison by trembling and/or sweating. Royals believed that dipping unicorn horns into their wine and other drinks would also cure any poison that may be in the drink.

So where did these royals find the unicorn horns? Most people would think of forests or meadows as the ideal habitat for unicorns. However, Europeans were shocked when they kept finding unicorn horns just laying around northern beaches. We now know that these “unicorn horns”, that were said to cure poison, were just narwhal tusks. Narwhals were not discovered until 1684. People also used to mistakenly use the fossilized tooth of a fish to protect them from poison. The fish was called a Lepidote. Just like how the narwhal tusks were called “unicorn horns”, people had mistaken the fossilized fish as a part of a toad.


The fish were used to create rings that were called toad rings. The rings were supposed to heat up when they were near poison. They were also said to cure kidney disease and protect against venom. You may have also noticed that goblets were commonly bejeweled. Most people assume that the drinkware had jewels merely as a show of wealth. The true story isn’t quite as normal. People began to believe that gemstones had unique abilities that could help the holder. Some people still believe in the natural abilities of gemstones and crystals. Gemstones used to be used as a way to dispel poisons that were poured into drink ware. While this doesn’t actually work in real life, it is one of the reasons that jewels were so popular.

Poison Rings and Their Connection to Wine Poisonings

poison ringWhat Are Poison Rings?
Poison rings are rings with secret compartments that were rumored to hold poison. The rings were said to be a discrete way to hide poison. Individuals could potentially release a poison into a drink, like wine, at an opportune time. The use of poison rings to poison royalty was a huge fear in the 16th century when they gained popularity. The term “poison ring” also gained popularity around this time.

The secret compartment of these rings was commonly used to hold small items of importance to the wearer. It may seem morbid to us now that body parts would ever be considered good luck charms. However, carrying around the body parts of a saint was said to bring good luck to the wearer. The small compartments of the rings would often contain the teeth, hair, and bones of saints. Around the Rennaissance time period, these secret compartments were also used to hold things like portraits or hair of loved ones.

Were Poison Rings Ever Actually Used to Hide Poison?
There are not many historically recorded moments where poison rings were actually used to kill someone. It has been historically noted that the Romans used the rings in order to commit suicide before being arrested by their enemies. The idea was to kill themselves before the enemy could torture them and more than likely kill them in a harsher way. Any secret information that the Roman may have had would also have been lost with their death. While poison rings were occasionally used as a last resort suicide method, murders using poison rings were much rarer.

What Are Some Notable Poison Ring Suicides?
A famous suicide victim that used a poison ring to end their life was Hannibal Barca. Hannibal Barca was a noteworthy Carthage general who fought against the Romans in the Second Punic War. He had been victorious at Cannae. However, he never managed to capture Rome. He lost a battle at Zama and had to flee. He sought refuge with Prusias of Bithynia but he was betrayed. Instead of keeping Hannibal safe, Prusias had decided to turn Hannibal over to the Romans. Hannibal decided that dying was better than being arrested by the Romans. He drank poison from a vial hidden underneath a gem in his ring and passed away.Another example of a possible suicide due to a poison ring may have been Demosthenes.

wine jewelryThe circumstances surrounding his death are not entirely clear. It has been noted that he died by ingesting poison hidden in an item. However, historians are not completely certain as to what the item was. Some individuals claim that Demosthenes used a poison ring to kill himself. However, Plutarch wrote in the “Life ofDemosthenes” that Demosthenes died from poison that he hid in a pen reed. Plutarch claimed that Demosthenes asked to write a farewell letter. The story goes that Demosthenes began to write a letter under the close watch of guards. He nibbled on the pen reed while he was writing and the guards thought nothing unusual of this action. It seemed like Demosthenes was merely thinking about what to write next. However, Demosthenes had actually hidden poison in the pen reed, in the case of an emergency. He used poison hidden in the pen reed in order to kill himself. He had decided that death was better than prison.

What Are Some Notable Poison Ring Murders?
This is where things get tricky. There probably were many more murders than were recorded. However, proving a murder using a poison ring was hard during this time. Doctors did not give accurate autopsies. Poison rings were also extremely discrete. You could easily pour a drink and release the poison without anyone noticing. Accusing a noble or royal of murder could also be a punishable offense if there was no proof.

Therefore, there are individuals that we believe may have used poisoning as a means to eliminate their enemies. However, it was extremely hard to prove in the past. Lucrezia Borgia, who became Governor of Spoleto, was said to poison the drinks of her enemies with a poison ring. She is famous for the act but it is unclear as to if she actually committed murder.

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Methods to enjoy cannabis

cannabis infused wineCannabis users have become increasingly interested in finding ways to consume cannabis that are convenient, discreet, and work more quickly than vaping. There are now a number of ways to enjoy cannabis more responsibly and without the risks involved with other, old practices of cannabis consumption.

The best method for consuming cannabis is a matter of personal preferences and some individuals use more than one method as a part of their regular cannabis consumption regimen. Following are some of the best methods to enjoy cannabis:


Sublingual consumption of cannabis oil is one of the most widely used methods because it offers the fastest way of absorption. When you use a dropper to consume cannabis sublingually, cannabis oil is absorbed directly into the bloodstream via mucous membranes. Since the oil does not need to pass through the gastrointestinal system, the effects happen within just 15-30 minutes. As a result, higher number of cannabinoids enter the bloodstream.


Cannabis capsules are a portable, discreet, convenient, and safe method to enjoy cannabis. Available at most dispensaries, these capsules are one of the easiest ways to make sure that the product is carefully measured out. Cannabis consumed via this method take about 30-90 minutes to pass through the stomach to the liver depending on your metabolism, what you have eaten, and other factors.

all natural nasal sprayNasal Spray

While there are many methods of using cannabis, through the nose in the form of natural nasal spray is one of the most effective methods to do so. This is because it allows cannabis to absorb into your system in virtually no time. Furthermore, it’s effect is also relatively stronger, which means it is able to last much longer. There are many manufacturers that make cannabis nasal sprays. Nasadol is a popular one. Nasal spray bottles are created in a way that prevents the cannabis from being wasted. Some manufacturers also add flavors e.g. menthol, vanilla, etc. for a better experience.


You can use cannabis oil as a baking ingredient in both sweet and savory recipes. Cooking with cannabis oil requires the use of an oil infused with cannabis e.g. nut oils, vegetable oils, ghee, butter, lard, etc. If one of these fatty ingredients are not needed for a certain recipe, the cannabis concentrate can be diluted in vodka, cognac, rum, or other similar spirit.

cannabis infused wineCannabis-Infused Wine

Cannabis-infused wine is now common in states where cannabis is legalized. The combination of cannabis and alcohol create a more relaxing experience. That’s why cannabis-infused wine is considered one of the best methods to enjoy cannabis. Drinking cannabis-infused wine is like sipping most other drinks. You can either enjoy it solo or pair a bottle of it with some gourmet popcorn or a meal.

As you can see, there are a number of methods to consume cannabis. As mentioned before, the best method depends on your personal preferences and you can always integrate more than one consumption method into your everyday routine.

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Wine Nasal Spray Could Prevent lung Cancer

A saline nasal spray based on a chemical found in red wine could protect smokers from lung cancer, say Swiss scientists. The saline nasal spray contains resveratrol, a chemical found in the skin of red grapes that is known to boost health. Sniffing it almost halved the formation of tumours in mice exposed to a cancer causing compound from cigarette smoke. The Swiss team say the therapy will also work in humans.

It would be administered via an asthma style inhaler – or even an electronic cigarette. The Professor Muriel Cuendet, a pharmaceutical scientist at the University of Geneva, said: “We tried to Nasal spray prevent lung cancer induced by a carcinogen found in cigarette smoking by using resveratrol to an already well documented molecule, in a mouse model as wells.

red wine
We observed to a 55 per cent increae in tumour load per mouse in the treated mice as well. They developed to the fewer saline nasal tumours and of smaller size than untreated mice. She added to the Resveratrol could therefore play a vital preventive role against prevent lung cancer. The treated mice were three times less likely to develop prevent lung cancer , the world’s most deadliest form of the disease.

Smoking Cessation and Prevent Lung Cancer: Oncology Nurses Can Make a Difference
They Provide to an overview of the impact of smoking after a diagnosis of Prevent lung cancer, discuss the relationship between tobacco cessation and improved outcomes during the prevent lung cancer trajectory, present information about tobacco dependence evidence-based treatments, reimbursement for these treatments, and tobacco-related resources available for patients and health care professionals, and emphasize the important role of nurses as well.

Nasal Spray Could Stop You From Becoming Obese
Oxytocin is a new Saline Nasal Spray that may prevent you from becoming obese. Sounds like an easy way to lose weight and keep it off as well.

saline nasal sprayIt currently awaits FDA approval. Oxytocin Spray is a hormone that is vital for social interaction, trust, anxiety reduction, childbirth, and mother-infant bonding as well.

Tobacco use is associated with 40% of the cancer deaths. Prevention of tobacco use and cessation are primary ways to the prevent lung cancer. However, even after a diagnosis of prevent lung cancer, smoking cessation is important in improving survival and squality of life. Although the tobacco dependence smoking treatments are available to help smokers quit smoking as well, persistent efforts over to the repeated contacts may be necessary to achieve long-term cessation.

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Marijuana Infused Drinks

marijuana tea Initially, the most common way to ingest marijuana was through smoking it, then came other ways which include vaping it, adding it in food items, and now you can even drink marijuana. The industry of marijuana infused drinks is a lot bigger than you think, and it is flourishing each day. The estimated net worth of the marijuana drink industry is over $600 million in the next few years.

Where to purchase marijuana infused wine and drinks?

Seems like you are tempted to treat yourself with some marijuana tea or marijuana infused wine. However, the availability of the marijuana drinks depends on where you reside. For instance, if you live in Illinois then, tough luck, because, you can’t purchase marijuana drinks as they are not legally available. Moreover, if by chance you reside in the Washington state, then you can just go down the street and purchase it from any dispensary. The states of California and Colorado also contain marijuana drinks, so you can get yourself a glass of marijuana infused wine or marijuana tea.

marijuana tea So, long story short, the availability of marijuana entirely depends on the laws of the state and community that you live. Even though marijuana has gotten normalized in the past few years but, a good number of people are still hesitant because of its controversial reputation as a life destroying drug which has ruined multiple lives and even caused death due to overdose. Still the American legal system has started normalizing it but, it can’t be denied that every community or society has their own rules, norms, and set standards of morality. Moreover, even if you live in a society where use of cannabis or marijuana has been legalized or at least normalized, the chances of finding marijuana drinks are varied.

What does a marijuana drink taste like?

The answer to this question depends on the drink. You can make it taste however you like. It could be as sweet as you want, or tangy, or completely bland, if that is what you like.

Marijuana infused Wine:

marijuana tea People have been ingesting cannabis and wine for a over a thousand years for both recreational and medical purposes. However, the true awareness and acceptance has been achieved in the past few years and that only in limited countries. Around the globe. The fusion of marijuana and wine has also been around since a long time when people smoke marijuana from one hand and sipped wine from another. A marijuana infused wine will provide you all the health benefits of CBD with the fun of that wine brings along. There are various types of marijuana wines in the market, such as, THC wine, hemp wine, non-alcoholic wine etc. The non-alcoholic wine does not get you drunk because, it is just like a normal non-alcoholic wine but, with CBD which is known to keep you sober. Other types of marijuana wines include, cannabis sparkling wine, cannavines etc. Other types of marijuana drinks include marijuana tea which is just like any other herbal tea.

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CBD Oil Wine

CBD Oil Wines

Do you like wine? How about cannabis or CBD? Well, you can have them both at once with the help of CBD wine. What is CBD wine and where you can find it? While you can find this type of wine in some brick-and-mortar stores, specialty stores, in particular, most of this kind of products can be found online. Still, you have to be careful about what you are buying, as some wines contain THC instead of CBD. THC is that component from cannabis responsible for the “high” state. In other words, it has psychoactive effects when consumed. CBD, on the other hand, has no such effects at all. It will only induce a state of calmness, without altering your perception.

In case you are interested in CBD wine, you can get your hands on it for sure. And you’ll be surprised to see that you can find very fine wine in this sector. Just make sure you choose your provider well. Unfortunately, CBD products are still part of an unregulated market, which means that not everything you can find for sale is also of good quality. CBD wine is actually wine upgraded with an infusion of cannabis. You will enjoy the wine, which will have indeed a special flavor, and they get benefits of consuming CBD at the same time. The only side-effects you will feel can be generated by the alcohol content of the wine, in case you will have too much of it. Regarding CBD, there are no risks of consuming it in wine, as the amount used is reduced and it has no side-effects on its own.

The manufacturers of such a fine wine promise an outstanding taste, some even promising a peach-like flavor together with a bright color. While some of these wines look regular, having a dark red color, others can look somewhat spectacular, featuring a green, emerald-like hue. So, if you want to try a new variety of wine for dinner, CBD wine could be the alternative you’ve been looking for. Since CBD was discovered and it was noticed its amazing interactions with our bodies, a wide range of products emerged. There are the oils and tinctures, edibles, products made for topical use, and last came the wine and beer infused with cannabis. One thing is for sure. We are starting to discover and enjoy, more and more, the benefits of CBD.

The truth is that CBD oil can be used like any other supplement. If the dosage is right and the product is of the highest quality, it can give your body a wide range of nutrients and components that promote great health. So, why not try CBD wine now and then? A bottle of fine wine infused with CBD is not that hard to find these days. Although, you should pay attention to the content of the wine and check your local regulations. As mentioned before, there are beverages that contain THC as well, as it is also a component obtained from cannabis. In these circumstances, you should pay attention to the products you purchase, to make sure that they are what you need.

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Wine Area Rugs

Rugs can be a great accessory to any room in the house. Rugs are versatile and they are available in all kinds of styles, sizes, and colors. Even the cheap area rugs help provide comfort in a room. If you love the color red, then wine rugs are just what you need to jazz up your living spaces. Whether you are decorating kitchens, bathrooms, dorm rooms, living rooms, or bedrooms, the wine area rugs are a great choice as they can brighten up any space and make the room seem more alluring and cheerful. Just like with any rug you need to find a way to make the wine area rugs work.

This article covers several important things with the help of which you can enhance your home décor with wine area rugs.

A Wide Variety of Wine Rugs

Red color signifies romance and love, that’s why installing wine themed area rugs at home will really create a romantic and peaceful ambiance at your house. These relatively cheap rugs will really compliment your red color furniture as well as other home accessories. Cheap area rugs are easily available for sale in a wide range of patterns, styles, and designs. You can buy them for both small and large rooms. The choice of the wine rug you buy depends a lot on the look of your house. If you have a modern décor, then you must choose contemporary styled patterns. On the other hand, if you have a traditional house, then you must buy wine rugs with intricate designs.

Kitchen and Bathroom Wine Rugs

You can purchase wine-colored area rugs for your kitchen and bathroom as well. For kitchen, it is recommended that you get wine rugs with vegetables, fruit, and other similar designs. Apart from these, you can also purchase these cheap area rugs to decorate your sink area. These relatively cheap rugs will make your kitchen look warm and cozy.

Creating a Luxurious Ambiance

Apart from the cheap rugs, there are many luxurious wine themed rugs available on the market that are made of high quality materials. Such rugs last for years if you clean them regularly. You can choose from acrylic, nylon, polypropylene, synthetic, and wool. These materials can be cleaned in an easy manner and they are also very durable.

Outdoor Wine Rugs

There are wide variety of wine rugs available for outdoor areas as well. When purchasing a wine rug for outdoor use, make sure it is made of a water-resistant material.

In conclusion, wine area rugs are versatile because they can work in virtually any room of the house. Before purchasing a wine-colored rug, it is recommended that you decide what kind of atmosphere or theme you want the room to have. If you want to use a wine area rug, then make sure there are other similar colors such as burgundy or rust used in the room. Choosing the accessories that have touches of red in them will help bring out the wine color in the rug and tie the room together.

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Top 10 San Diego Wineries for Visitors

San Diego is a major tourist attraction site and as they say, there is nothing better that having a glass of wine on one hand and sunscreen on the other. There are no bad days in San Diego given the favorable climate to busk out in the sun and having a chance to taste some of the most celebrated wine bottle in the region. San Diego wineries are considered some of the best in the world. Whether on the beach or at the roof top as you watch the spectacular sun set, San Diego offers an exhilarating place to fill your wine glass. Some of the best San Diego wineries that you should be aware of as a visitor include:

Negociant Winery

Negociant winery on the Boulevard section of the North Park neighborhood will offer you a place to do hipster things like yoga, besides giving you a chance to get tipsy on a budget. The winery offers its visitors five tastings and generous pours at only $10. The prices are very favorable and everyone can enjoy the variety of wines produced at the winery. Also, the have cheese tastings and charcuterie plates that give the visitors a mind-blowing experience.

Bernardo Winery

Bernardo Winery is the oldest in Southern California and it was founded in 1889. This winery offers five wine tastings at $ 12 on their outdoor patio. Alternatively, you have the option of choosing a little entertainment such as Sunset Art Walk that is available every Friday night, Farmers market or even live Music on Sundays. The main wines available at this winery are the merlots and Syrahs. The Bernardo winery also offers its visitors two scrumptious banqueting experiences at café Merlot and V’s Coffee & Charcuterie that are located in their courtyard.

Koi Zen Cellars Urban Winery

Koi Zen is all about embracing their visitors and making them feel as though they are part of the family. The winery offer 5-6 releases on hand for wine tasting at $10 and a private tasting at $25 per person of you are more sociable. They also accommodate other events such as art shows, wine classes, hanging out on a weekend with your friends, live music and arts & crafts. They artisan wines include Malbec, Chardonnay, Carbanet Sauvignon, petite Syrah and sauvignon Blanc.

Pali Wine Company

Pali is a big winery owned by two entrepreneurs and it produces over 20,000 cases of wine per year. Located at the heart of Little Italy, this winery offers you a impeccable place to rest on the rooftop with a flight of 5 wine tastings at $15. Their varieties of wines include sauvignon Blanc, viognier, petite verdot, dornfelder and sunset rose. They offer their visitors events such as weekly specials, live music and throwback Thursday events.

Blue Door Urban Winery

This winery is considered both good to visit and educational as well. If you happen to visit them during the harvest season¸ they will give you a wine-making lesson and participate in the actual wine-making process. Events common at Blue Door winery include paint night, live comedy shows and the wine tastings. They are heavy on reds varietals such as zin and sangiovese.

Gianni Buonomo Vintners

This winery imports its grapes from Washington and they mainly specialize in red wines. They offer a four-tasting flight at $12 and a five-tasting flight at $15. Their sangiovese brand is the real magic. The wine tasting paired with one of their chees and charcuterie platters offer the perfect experience.

Milagro Wines

Milagro winery features about 110acres of rolling hills, giant moss covered with vineyards and boulders, providing a perfect landscape for hiking. Their wine tasking costs $12. Additionally, you can participate in the bocce ball or horseback riding. This winery is among the few that offer the widest areas for other events other than wine tasting. It is one of the best wineries to visit with exciting blends of red wines, ports and Bordeaux-style merlots.

Vineyard Grant James

Vineyard Grant James is an Italian-villa inspired winery located in the valleys of Ramona. The average cost of wine bottles is $38 and their tasting are available at modest cost of $10. They specialize in red wines whose flavor is complex, unique and vibrant to the palate. They have outdoor dinners which are set upon reservation with farm-to-table food and the best wine servings.

Turtle Rock Ridge Vineyard

The Turtle Rock Ridge winery is an award winning winery located in the beautiful valleys of Ramona. The winery itself is as appealing as the surrounding mountains themselves. The tasting goes for $10 but if you are interested in keeping the custom glass, you pay $18. They also offer a blend of red wine with a mix of beery flavors & spice as well as hello juicy; the favorite sangria. Every visitor is given a complementary tour around the winery where you can get information of the whole wine-making process and even barrel tasting for the few lucky visitors.

Orfila Winery

The Orfila vineyards occupy over 70acres of land in San Pasqual valley in San Diego. Grapes have been grown and wines have been produced on the vineyards since 1973. The views of the winery are remarkable and there is even a picnic area with a grape arbor that provides a perfect spot to sit and enjoy a glass of their wine selection. The tasting room, which is a large warehouse also contains a variety of snacks. It has for serving areas meaning that it can accommodate a large number of customers at any particular time.

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Top 10 Wine Coupon Websites

Everyone wants to save some bucks when shopping. Because organizations know that customers would like to save as much as possible, they have turned this desire to be their competitive advantage by offering great coupons. Two decades ago, most coupons were cut-out from magazines and redeemed during shopping. Today, there are numerous websites offering these coupons for various products. Wine lovers also boost of a number of websites that offer wine coupons.


This is a great website for wine lovers looking to save some bucks. The website has more than 130,000 offers from more than 64,500 stores. These are massive offers which help the website to guarantee customers an average of $21 in every purchase an individual makes. For wine lovers, buying in large quantities guarantees the customer that they will save a lot of money. Because of its popularity, this website has more than 2,000 coupons added daily with wine coupons having a significant representation.


This website helps you save for the things that value most to you. It gives an opportunity to save money which can be enough to surprise your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, children, or friends. The website offers people an opportunity to redeem the coupons in more than 3,000 stores. Some of the coupons guarantee money back while others help people contribute to charity.


This is a website by Groupon coupons that help wine lovers receive benefits even before they start enjoying their wine. This website helps you receive awards on top of avoiding the usual hassles that come with visiting the retail store. Another advantage that wines insiders bring is the ability to make a choice. With different stores, one can choose from a variety of stores.


This website helps people find coupons that can work in their favourite store. Every day, the website offers trending deals that help people save big. In the ongoing Black Friday discounts, Retailmenot.com is guarantying people of up to 75% off retail. Wine lovers are, therefore, going to have a blast this month extending to December festivals.


This website offers coupons for numerous products including books, electronics, travel, and wine. The wine coupons offered through this website can be redeemed from a variety of stores including some of the largest in the country. The website offers different coupons ranging from printable coupons to code coupons. Most of wine coupons are in form of code coupons and but printable coupons are also available.


The mission for this website is simply to help people save more. They consider themselves friends of the people and thus cannot allow their friends to spend so much that they strain. It is their vision that they will change the world someday by having customers purchase the best quality products. The coupons offered by this website can be used at different stores including Amazon, Walmsrt, and eBay. Wine coupons gotten from this website can be retrieved all the country because of the presence of the big companies.


This is an online community that bargains for products and also tracks down the top deals and shares with the public. Dealsplus offers people the opportunity to buy good at a discounted price. The website also helps customers to customize the manner in which they browse. Wine lovers using this site are at an advantage seeing that there are more than 15,000 stores trough which people can access different coupons.


The festive season has already began seeing that Halloween is officially over. With Black Friday already here, there is no other site that guarantees you more than 75% discounts on major products. This website offers people a variety of hand-picked offers from different stores. It focuses more on the Brands that people love making it one of the best coupon website. Wine is one of the most treasured products. It is, therefore, a guarantee that wine coupons are available and offer great discounts.


This website helps people save money. They offer some of the best deals. It is one of the most visited sites and offers people a great opportunity to find and share big savings. People also vote and comment on deals presented in this website. This is a great way to let deal experts know that they are doing a great job in finding amazing deals for the public. The mission for this website is to do all the hassles for you and offer you a chance to save money. It gives consumers a straight and simple path to access the greatest deals offered under the sun.


The goodshop website has some of the best coupon deals. You can access them from your favourite stores. The website is flattered as having the most powerful coupons globally. The website provides extremely good coupons to customers. Apart from this, it allows customers to be part of the donations they regularly make. The website is connected with more than 114,000 schools and nonprofits. The variety of products offered through this website guarantees wine lovers that they will definitely find wine coupons from the site.

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Top 10 Wine Coolers

The use of wine coolers is very essential for a wine collector. People who specialize in the acquisition of wine need to have a good cooler that will act both as a store for the bottles of wine and also, help to preserve the quality of wine by providing the right temperature till the wine is considered mature. Therefore, this article lists ten of the best wine coolers.

  1. Kalamera Wine Chiller

This has a capacity of 46 bottles, making it one of the largest coolers. It is unique due to its make that is made by the manufacturer in order to have it in the kitchen. Therefore, care and proper measurements should be done on the cooler for it to fit in the kitchen space provided. Also, with this cooler, it is easy to adjust temperatures thus storage of wine is made easier. Automatic restoration of the original temperature is one of the strengths of the Kalamera. Once the power is out or cut, the cooler resumes to the temperature it was at before the loss of power.

  1. AKDY Freestanding Wine Cooler

With a capacity of 12 wine bottles, it is one of the smallest coolers and yet, it offers servicing better than most of the coolers with large capacities. This is so since it is easy to set up making it preferable to all. Unlike others with wooden shelves, this cooler has metallic shelves which are more durable. Also, in order to regulate temperature, it has double paned glass doors which keep the desired temperature in circulation.

  1. Igloo Wine Chiller

If you are looking for a cooler with an exquisite design, then Igloo is the way to go. It has a compact design and magnificent features that add to its design and hence, to the overall beauty of the cooler. To appeal to the consumer, it is installed with lighting that shine inside a dark room thus attracting customers. The use of this cooler comes with no vibrations. This is one of the features that some coolers have that increase noise pollution thus polluting the environment.

  1. Koldfront Wine Cooler

Regulation of temperature is done differently in regards to the model of the cooler. In this case, the cooler has two compartments which offer an array of temperatures. It has made double storage of wines with the aim of achieving different maturity possible. To facilitate this, it has detachable wooden shelves which can be added or removed depending on what is being stored and for what duration of time. Nonetheless, it still utilizes the use of a thermostat to further help regulate temperatures. Its overall capacity is 18 bottles at one instance.

  1. Avanti Thermoelectric Counter Too Wine Cooler

The use of this cooler allows the capacity of 12 bottles. It is an optimal option for any future cooler owner looking for a small yet effective cooler. It is also very easy to set up and use. One of the great features of the cooler is the presence of the thermoelectric cooling system which is quiet and thus, causes no noise pollution. In addition, the cooler only has one zone.

  1. NewAir AW-321E Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

A wine cooler with a fairly large capacity of 32 bottles such as this one is targeted by a lot of potential consumers. At times, the use of cooler with over 40 bottles may seem too large while those that are less than 25 may seem less. The use of a 32 bottle cooler helps to easily get available market. It offers two zones, with one on each side. The cooler also adds to the anesthetic value of the house. This is attributed to the presence of LED lights whose lighting influences this beauty. It also uses thermoelectric cooling which reduces the incidence of noise.

  1. Magic Chef Wine Cooler

Use of some coolers has a significant effect on the electric bills. Nevertheless, the Magic Chef cooler enables customization of the features of the cooler before sending of money. In a bid to regulate the temperatures in the cooler, there exist two paned glass doors that are both highly insulated and fused. Given that it can store 28 bottles of wine, then there is proper preservation of the wine.

  1. Whynhter Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

The cooler has a great physical appeal that can be mistaken for a stature. So beautiful is it that if placed at the center of any room, it will attract attention. The cooler has a fair capacity of twenty bottles and is vibration free due to the installation of a thermostat. Its touch options are easy to use making easy to command and see the provision of services. Despite the great size of most coolers, the Whynhter Cooler is quite light. This is because it is compact a smaller surface area.

  1. Ivation Wine Cooler

Ivation uses thermoelectric cooling that has helped to stand out in preserving of wines. It reduces vibrations that once reduced can lead to better aging of the wine. This thermoelectric feature in this cooler helps to maintain proper temperatures for the wines to mature. Therefore, wine that is stored in this cooler is deemed sweeter and rare thus fetching a great price in the market.

  1. NewAir AWC Compressor Wine Cooler

This is a medium range cooler with a capacity of 27 bottles. It provides beauty to the surroundings due to the use of a blue LED light that shines from the cooler. The installed thermostat helps to effectively regulate temperatures thus optimizing its functionality.

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