October 2020



The wine industry has become more competitive than ever before. Since the competition is fierce, winemakers struggle to differentiate themselves. Simply put, making a good wine is not enough anymore. To build awareness, sell more wine, and succeed, you need to rely on marketing. There are some guidelines that can help you in this regard. [...]

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August 2020

How The CBD Industry Is Revolutionizing The Beverage Sector


With hemp-derived CBD becoming legal in all fifty states, the CBD industry is thriving now more than ever, and for good reason. With only 0.3 percent of THC or less, CBD does not get you high, and the health benefits are endless. CBD has been used to treat anxiety, seizures, pain, and inflammation. There is [...]

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July 2020

The Darker History of Wine


If you are an individual that pairs a wine with every meal, you may appreciate that there are plenty of options to buy wine jewelry. Sites like Etsy offer wine-themed charms, bracelets, necklaces, and more that can advertise your love for wine. Wine jewelry is also a great gift for wine lovers. If you like [...]

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Methods to enjoy cannabis


Cannabis users have become increasingly interested in finding ways to consume cannabis that are convenient, discreet, and work more quickly than vaping. There are now a number of ways to enjoy cannabis more responsibly and without the risks involved with other, old practices of cannabis consumption. The best method for consuming cannabis is a matter [...]

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January 2020

Wine Nasal Spray Could Prevent lung Cancer


A saline nasal spray based on a chemical found in red wine could protect smokers from lung cancer, say Swiss scientists. The saline nasal spray contains resveratrol, a chemical found in the skin of red grapes that is known to boost health. Sniffing it almost halved the formation of tumours in mice exposed to a [...]

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October 2019

Marijuana Infused Drinks


Initially, the most common way to ingest marijuana was through smoking it, then came other ways which include vaping it, adding it in food items, and now you can even drink marijuana. The industry of marijuana infused drinks is a lot bigger than you think, and it is flourishing each day. The estimated net worth [...]

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May 2019

CBD Oil Wine


Do you like wine? How about cannabis or CBD? Well, you can have them both at once with the help of CBD wine. What is CBD wine and where you can find it? While you can find this type of wine in some brick-and-mortar stores, specialty stores, in particular, most of this kind of products [...]

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March 2019

Wine Area Rugs


Rugs can be a great accessory to any room in the house. Rugs are versatile and they are available in all kinds of styles, sizes, and colors. Even the cheap area rugs help provide comfort in a room. If you love the color red, then wine rugs are just what you need to jazz up [...]

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December 2018

Top 10 San Diego Wineries for Visitors


San Diego is a major tourist attraction site and as they say, there is nothing better that having a glass of wine on one hand and sunscreen on the other. There are no bad days in San Diego given the favorable climate to busk out in the sun and having a chance to taste some [...]

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November 2018

Top 10 Wine Coupon Websites


Everyone wants to save some bucks when shopping. Because organizations know that customers would like to save as much as possible, they have turned this desire to be their competitive advantage by offering great coupons. Two decades ago, most coupons were cut-out from magazines and redeemed during shopping. Today, there are numerous websites offering these [...]

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