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Top 10 Wine Apps

Although the world of wine can seem baffling, nerve-racking as well as unfathomable, you can change that. Technology continues to make things easier and the introduction of wine apps was a great deal for wine lovers to be able to understand the most esoteric words, know how to look for the right wine along with food pairings for each event. So below are the top 10 wine apps that will aid you in looking for reviews and any other information for both amateurs and oenophiles.


Delectable (Android, iOS: Free)

It is one of the most recognized wine apps since it lets users pull up reviews, ratings as well as tasting notes easily for a certain vintage just from the label’s photograph.

Apart from having the label-scanning features, users are able to keep a journal with preferred wines as well as tasting notes. When a user wants newsfeed, they can also use the app regarding top wine pros, wine makers in addition to sommeliers not forgetting one can also search for curated lists of vintages.

Banquet (Android, iOS: Free)

Not only is Delectable a powerful wine label scanner and recognition tool but it also pushes wine sales online through the Banquet app. The app lets customers to purchase from the wide range of 22,000 different wines either from independent wine dealers or boutiques with purchasing being made through Apple Pay or Google Pay.

After ordering, your purchases can be delivered to where you are. Everything you need is in the app from collectible vintages to bargain bottles in addition to ratings and curated lists.


Hello Vino (Android, iOS: Free)

This app is suitable for the regular wine shopper since it has a wine scanner, a personal journal as well as food pairing suggestions. You can do this by telling Hello what you are eating or what you generally prefer and it will give you numerous suggestions that will suit your meal or event. The label scanner and wine recommendation engine are not the only features, you can also learn about a variety and well known food combinations.


Wine Picker (Android, iOS: Free)

Wine Picker will especially come in handy when you are in a hotel and you are unsure of the type of wine you want to come with your meal. The app lets users choose a restaurant, food pairing and set a budget, after which the app will offer its five wine suggestions to pick from the menu.

Furthermore, you can also be able to search for nearby restaurants that have a specific wine, look at their tasting notes, reviews and the wines they have.



For the peoples selling expensive wine, this is the right app for you as it will help increase the demand for your product. The app enables users to make an order for wine, spirits, beer and they will be delivered the same day in 70 cities in the United States. You can choose the option of pre-paid store pick-ups or 2-3 shipping days. To know whether Drizly can deliver products to you, just check the zip code.



Another popular wine app is Vivino with its photo recognition software quickly providing information for a certain wine, accompanied with reviews, ratings and tasting notes. Sometimes the app has difficulty recognizing specific vintage in which case the app’s team of wine specialists will personally identify it for you.

Moreover, users can search Vivino’s database of wine reviews and the preferred wines, get suggestions and places that the wines can be bought nearby. In the countries that support the app, you can make orders with free shipping for premium tiers.



With wine label recognition, it mainly deals with searching and pulling up a lot of information like vintage ratings, variety of grapes along with critical ratings. What makes the app different from other wine apps is that it has rich pricing in addition to available database thus simplifying the search for certain vintage and its price.

Additional features comprise of wine journal, GPS for finding stores, as well as pricing notes for a number of liquors such as bourbon, rum and Scotch whiskey. The free tier has 50 search results whilst the premium search tier does not have search limits and has other features like filters.


Wine Ring

Wine Ring has taken a learning and predictive-algorithms approach for wine recommendation. It puts into consideration how you have rated some wines and uses them to produce suggestions that you would prefer. The app also lets users to search for food pairings, have a wine journal and search for group suggestions basing on preferences such as friends that are also using the app.



The app is free and provides its users with vintage charts on grape varieties from the 55 world’s best regions for wine production. WineRatings+ has articles, videos and newsfeed regarding the newest wine-related information.

Subscribing to the premium service will enable you to get automatic updated wine reviews from Wine Spectator with tasting notes, wine ratings, average auction prices as well as release. The app also has filter-enabled vintage searches, curated wine lists and social features that come with the premium service.



Sometimes you can go to a restaurant to enjoy a meal and the restaurant may lack the perfect wine to accompany your meal. CorkageFee will come to you rescue as it will enable you to search for BYOB-friendly restaurants as well as their corkage prices, additionally, user-submitted reviews about their experience of the restaurant’s wines are available . The app also gives you wine stores and wineries near you.

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The most expensive wines in the world

Wine is one of those few things in the world which worth increases as it ages. The wine has been a part of many traditions for a long period of time. There are few wines out there that cost a whole year’s salary. Yea you read it right.  From this statement, you can understand that how expensive wines would be. So it is not something that a common person would go and buy. Here are some of the most expensive wines in the world.

Domaine De La Romanee- Conti-Romanee- Conti Grand Cru- Burgunady, France

The average price of the Domaine De la Romance is 11.793 Euros. Romainee- Conti is one of the monopoles which are owned by Domaine de La Romanee Conti which is one of the most sort out wines in the world. It is often referred to as DRC.

The wines from DRC have always been regarded as one of the best in the world and name that has constantly been listed among the best.

Egon Muller- Scharzhofberger Riesling- Trockenbeerenauslese-Mosel, Germany

Egon Muller is a renowned German winemaker and also the owner of wine manufacturer Weingut Egon Muller. It is located just outside of Wiltingen. From the beginning of the 1900’s the slopes of the Scharzhofberger is known for producing some good quality wines.

It was the Muller’s family that took the wine production to the next level and cemented their name in the wine production. The average price of a bottle is 8183 Euros.

Domaine Leroy-Musigny Grand Cru- Cote de Nuits, France

The former co-owner of Domaine de la Romanee Conti was bought by Madame Leroy’s father Henry Leroy in the year 1942. She parted ways with DRC in 1992. Her brand Domaine Leroy quickly gained popularity because of the quality that they offered and became a direct rival. The average cost of Domain Leroy is about 5824 Euros.

Domaine Leflaive-Montrachet Grand Cru- Cote de Beaune

Anne Claude Leflaive (late) who is often described as the Grande Dame of Burgundy is one of the famous wine producers. Their holding consists of some of the best territories in the world which consists of the world famous Grand Cru vineyard le Montrachet itself. The average price of Domaine Leflaive Montrachet is 5201 Euros.

Domaine Georges and Christophe Roumier-Musigny Grand Cru

The birth of Domaine Georges Roumier is the marriage between young man Georges Rousmier and Chambolle-Musigny girl. The dowry was a section of Chambolle Musigny vineyards. There started the legacy of Domaine Georges Roumier. The number of yards has grown from 1 to 5 over the years. The average price of the bottle is 4918 Euros.

Domaine de la Romanee-Conti-Montrachet Grand Cru- Cote de Beaune

The DRC is one name that has constantly been listed among the best when it comes to wines. Having the most prestigious estate in the world makes DRC the most dominant ones in the game. The average cost of a bottle is 4176 Euros.

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