The use of wine coolers is very essential for a wine collector. People who specialize in the acquisition of wine need to have a good cooler that will act both as a store for the bottles of wine and also, help to preserve the quality of wine by providing the right temperature till the wine is considered mature. Therefore, this article lists ten of the best wine coolers.

  1. Kalamera Wine Chiller

This has a capacity of 46 bottles, making it one of the largest coolers. It is unique due to its make that is made by the manufacturer in order to have it in the kitchen. Therefore, care and proper measurements should be done on the cooler for it to fit in the kitchen space provided. Also, with this cooler, it is easy to adjust temperatures thus storage of wine is made easier. Automatic restoration of the original temperature is one of the strengths of the Kalamera. Once the power is out or cut, the cooler resumes to the temperature it was at before the loss of power.

  1. AKDY Freestanding Wine Cooler

With a capacity of 12 wine bottles, it is one of the smallest coolers and yet, it offers servicing better than most of the coolers with large capacities. This is so since it is easy to set up making it preferable to all. Unlike others with wooden shelves, this cooler has metallic shelves which are more durable. Also, in order to regulate temperature, it has double paned glass doors which keep the desired temperature in circulation.

  1. Igloo Wine Chiller

If you are looking for a cooler with an exquisite design, then Igloo is the way to go. It has a compact design and magnificent features that add to its design and hence, to the overall beauty of the cooler. To appeal to the consumer, it is installed with lighting that shine inside a dark room thus attracting customers. The use of this cooler comes with no vibrations. This is one of the features that some coolers have that increase noise pollution thus polluting the environment.

  1. Koldfront Wine Cooler

Regulation of temperature is done differently in regards to the model of the cooler. In this case, the cooler has two compartments which offer an array of temperatures. It has made double storage of wines with the aim of achieving different maturity possible. To facilitate this, it has detachable wooden shelves which can be added or removed depending on what is being stored and for what duration of time. Nonetheless, it still utilizes the use of a thermostat to further help regulate temperatures. Its overall capacity is 18 bottles at one instance.

  1. Avanti Thermoelectric Counter Too Wine Cooler

The use of this cooler allows the capacity of 12 bottles. It is an optimal option for any future cooler owner looking for a small yet effective cooler. It is also very easy to set up and use. One of the great features of the cooler is the presence of the thermoelectric cooling system which is quiet and thus, causes no noise pollution. In addition, the cooler only has one zone.

  1. NewAir AW-321E Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

A wine cooler with a fairly large capacity of 32 bottles such as this one is targeted by a lot of potential consumers. At times, the use of cooler with over 40 bottles may seem too large while those that are less than 25 may seem less. The use of a 32 bottle cooler helps to easily get available market. It offers two zones, with one on each side. The cooler also adds to the anesthetic value of the house. This is attributed to the presence of LED lights whose lighting influences this beauty. It also uses thermoelectric cooling which reduces the incidence of noise.

  1. Magic Chef Wine Cooler

Use of some coolers has a significant effect on the electric bills. Nevertheless, the Magic Chef cooler enables customization of the features of the cooler before sending of money. In a bid to regulate the temperatures in the cooler, there exist two paned glass doors that are both highly insulated and fused. Given that it can store 28 bottles of wine, then there is proper preservation of the wine.

  1. Whynhter Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

The cooler has a great physical appeal that can be mistaken for a stature. So beautiful is it that if placed at the center of any room, it will attract attention. The cooler has a fair capacity of twenty bottles and is vibration free due to the installation of a thermostat. Its touch options are easy to use making easy to command and see the provision of services. Despite the great size of most coolers, the Whynhter Cooler is quite light. This is because it is compact a smaller surface area.

  1. Ivation Wine Cooler

Ivation uses thermoelectric cooling that has helped to stand out in preserving of wines. It reduces vibrations that once reduced can lead to better aging of the wine. This thermoelectric feature in this cooler helps to maintain proper temperatures for the wines to mature. Therefore, wine that is stored in this cooler is deemed sweeter and rare thus fetching a great price in the market.

  1. NewAir AWC Compressor Wine Cooler

This is a medium range cooler with a capacity of 27 bottles. It provides beauty to the surroundings due to the use of a blue LED light that shines from the cooler. The installed thermostat helps to effectively regulate temperatures thus optimizing its functionality.